Academic research led by Dr. Roland Fryer, a Harvard University professor, identifies the five tenets that are proven to lead to success in schools.  


High Expectations

We believe that all children can and will learn, and we expect students to grow one and a half years for each year until they are on grade level and on a course for success in high school, college, and beyond.

More time in school

We have an extended school day and an extended school year that gives us additional hours of instructional time each year.

Small group instruction

At our schools, students rotate in small, differentiated groups between teacher-led and student-led stations where they receive the specific, academic feedback that leads to better learning.

Teachers at our schools are observed weekly, and they meet weekly with a coach who supports them in achieving specific goals that lead to more effective teaching.

Strong teacher feedback

The online programs that we use at our schools provide teachers with real time data that they use to differentiate the learning based on the specific needs of the students.  Additionally, we have quarterly data days during professional development where we review our assessment data, look for trends, and plan for how to bridge any learning gaps that exist.

Data-driven instruction